The sunflower classroom

Our Sunflower classroom is for 4 and 5 year olds during the day, as well as Kindergarteners after school. The Sunflowers work on more long-term discovery projects, as well as plenty of discussion in large and small groups. This class is full of hands-on learning activities that promote cognitive and social-emotional development. A main focus of our Sunflower room is to support the growth of personal as well as social responsibility.

daily schedule


Meet the sunflower teachers

Allison J.
Lead Teacher

Allison has been working at Play & Learn since 2013. She has been the lead teachers in Sunflowers for 2 years, then she went to be the lead teacher in Buttercups but is more than happy to be back in Sunflowers! Allison loves being able to watch kids of all ages learn knew thing!



Bryce A.
Assistant Teacher

Bryce has been working at Play & Learn since July 2021. He is majoring in Criminal Justice at DMACC. Bryce’s favorite part about working with kids is seeing how creative they are, and making up new games to play with them!

“What salt is to food, passion is to teaching.”