The Buttercup Class

Our Buttercup classroom cares for infants 6 weeks to approximately one year old. Our teachers’ main focus is to form relationships based on trust and care with each child and family in the class. In the Buttercup room, we follow each baby’s individual schedule; napping on demand and following the eating schedule discussed with families upon enrollment. Since infants eating habits in their first year change and evolve, it is our priority to maintain continuous communication with families so we can keep updated as baby’s habits change. We work with each child’s family to determine their individual readiness to move to the next class, generally basing that decision on factors like mobility, eating table food, and readiness to transition to a more structured schedule.

Daily Schedule


Meet the Buttercup Teachers

Kayla P.
Lead Teacher

Kayla has been working at Play & Learn since February of 2020. Kayla has been the lead teachers in Buttercups since September 2021. Kayla is apart of the TEACH program getting her degree in Early Childhood education through DMACC. She loves making sure every kid gets something good to eat! When in the classroom, Kayla enjoys seeing kids learn and watch them understand new things!